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Maggie Currie Coaching

Transformational Coach

If you do nothing, then nothing will change, use the magic courage dust to take that first step.

About Maggie Currie Coaching

You can trust my considerable knowledge, expertise and experience. I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience. It is also vitally important to me that you understand that I know where you are coming from. I have been there.


Your Potential


Experience You Can Trust

Transformational Coaching

As a transformational coach, I empower you to make significant shifts in your life, helping you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Personal Growth Guidance

Mindset Transformation

Through personalized guidance, I help you develop a positive mindset and create lasting changes in your life.

I provide a supportive environment for your personal growth journey, guiding you towards a more fulfilling life.

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Client Testimonial 1

"Maggie Currie has a heart as big as the Universe!! She gets people, all people, especially those who are feeling 'less than'. Maggie helps them to feel 'more than' who they believed themselves to be. We need more Maggie's in the world!'"
- MS

Client Testimonial 2

"I had the usual ‘why me’ moments when my business was flagging. I was conscious that I wanted to maximise the potential and opportunity to change the balance of my life. If I wanted to work long hours I wanted that to be all my decision. My decision based on my choices measured against my own criterion and not someone else’s. Maggie enabled me to work through all these issues. She challenged me to really think about things and made me work hard at the answers, rather than offering advice. I am really grateful to Maggie for offering me help and getting me through this bad patch of my life. Her insight and empathy are second to none."

Your time isn't just time, it is an investment of your life. Make the time to begin to make tiny changes that will affect your whole life and allow you to live your life in the driving seat, instead of the passenger seat. Get in touch today

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Tel: 07779 189305

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